Home Group 2010- Connecting with Others

The Small Group Ministry Series

at coldWATER CHURCH in Avondale, AZ                                                                                                                              HOME

We encourage everyone who attends Coldwater Church to be a regular part of one of our small groups...

PASSION TALKS: Sundays at 6:00PM.  At Tony and Jessica's house.  In Avondale, near Van Buren and Coldwater Springs.  Call Pastor Chris for specific directions. 


March 21 6:00 - 8:00 PM
"Hope: When Life Hurts Most"
             (PART 2)

March 28 6:00 - 8:00 PM
"Fruitcake and Ice Cream"



 ...is a time of songs, learning scripture, and interacting with God's Word, the Bible. While we obviously have targeted these gatherings for our kids, this all ages event is where families can learn and grow together. All are welcome.

Bible Story Hour will reconvene after EASTER and Spring Break.

Location:  The Girard's House (near Encanto and 107th Ave)


Call (623) 249 9694 for directions or further details.